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released July 16, 2012



all rights reserved


RUDE RIOT Киев, Ukraine

The band was established in 2007 by friends who wanted to bring the sounds of streets rebellion in the hearts of rude boys and girls. we play music without political prejudice because in our sick society, punk rock and this shit is not compatible with each other.
So enjoy antisocial Oi! from Ukraine.
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Track Name: For You My Friends
For you my friend I sing this song
It's not 2tone or newschool song
This song for skins in rolled blue jeans
In sherman shirts this tatood fists

Oi! is shout!
Oi! is stomp!
Oi! is fight!
Oi! is unite!

They kids of street which really means
That's no politics Oi! is not debate
And rhythm of drums scream of guitars
Is not for you politic scum!
Track Name: Rude Riot
This is the sound of the riot,
Which can you hear on the streets.
Some times the rebels are so loud,
So goverment must call police.

Stay rude, stay proud
Stay rude, thats time to riot

We gonna show them riot scene,
C'mon rude boyz and rude girls dance.
Let's stomp on police cars and faces,
Let's hang them high on our braces!
Track Name: I Have A Dream
I have a dream - all skins unite
There is no need for stupid fight
I have a lot of beer to share
And for my mates I'll take care

Don't die for polititions
And never fight for them!
We have the same one story
And enemy the same!

Before destroy try to create
And you'll see who is you mate
If trouble comes, ain't come alone
Unite Ukraine and stand like stone!


From the east to the west
We are all the same -
So let's unite
to stop this bloody fight!
Track Name: Let's Shout Rock
Let's Shout Rock and celebrate
It's the day when politicians gradate
They screw you up and just betrayed
Your country, freedom took your bread
You want you vote and didn't thought
The day has come, your life is tough
Now what to do, ask your TV
C'mon smart ass, don't look at me!

WE TOLD YOU FOOL - you didn't mined
WE SHOUT IT LOUD - we knew it's come

Now what you fill - it's pure hate,
Now you can hope it's not to late.
To fight for future and your kidz,
The shouldn't see politic beasts.
Don't be afraid - it's never late,
No mercy - show them real hate
Fight back your land, don't loose your heart
Couse what you have is what you got!
Track Name: Stupid Junkies
After dark it’s time for monsters
Fashion zombies , teenage sluts
Discos lights and glamour sound
Spend more cash and they will proud
Speed your fillings don’t loose time
In the morning just say bye!
Never mind then some one buy’s you
Just being slut that’s what attracts you

You’re hiding eyes by glasses
You’re empty got no soul
I’ll boot yours junky asses
Couse yours lifestyle is so low*

After dark it’s time for monsters
Fashion zombies , teenage sluts
Discos lights and glamour sound
Spend more cash and they will proud
Fathers love for you is money
You’re using them for honey
Stick it, smell it kind of fun
Stupid junky, now don’t run!
Track Name: Why?
We all live in police state
Where your fate is destinate
You can't find here any truth
And you never gonna choose.
Goverment increases the force
To reach the full control,
To put us on knees
And rob us more and more.

Why are you hiding?
Why are you run away?
What make's you coward?
What freedom meen's for you?
Nothing! just nothing!
so what, the fuck will you do?!

We gonna stand up till the end
To fight for our civil right,
The chains of all authority
Is not in force to keep us!
The strenth is in our hands
And palm turn into the fist
So let's resist the system
And kill this fucking beast.
Track Name: Ринг (feat Egor Edge)
Наша жизнь – боксерский бой,
Бой за право быть собой
В твоих руках – твоя судьба,
Что тебя ждет? Свет или тьма?
Атаковать и защищаться
На выпады противника огрызатся,
Ты можешь с ринга убежать
Но сможешь ты спокойно спать?

Держи удар – сопротивляйся!
Не на словах, а наяву
Клинчуй судьбу и не сдавайся
Пока я бьюсь я не умру!

Сморщенный лоб, сжаты кулаки
Все роли распределены.
Крепкий соперник - хороший учитель
Но твой хлесткий удар противнику гибель.
Не бросайся, не ведись, и плотно наступай,
Бей точно в челюсть, и на отходе добавляй.
Прекратить битву – причин миллион,
Но я верю в тебя, вперед чемпион!

Сможешь ли ты закончить бой,
Не попав под боковой
Сможешь ли ты закончить бой,
Полон гордости собой?
Track Name: Рабочий Парень
Не проси меня забыть - я не смогу...
В сердце моем ты всегда будешь жить
Рабочий парень с бетонный окраин
Гордость и честь никогда не предам
Ради ущербных политиканов,
Будем бороться на улицах мы
Ради рабочих парней из окраин

Рабочий парень с бетонных окраин
Будет бороться на улицах с нами
Вместе мы сила, мы победим
Врагов раздавим, сотрем их в пыль

Память о нас рассыпется в прах,
Если мы сами ее не сотрем...
Только одного я прошу не забыть...
Рабочего парня с бетонных окраин
Ты не хочешь жить в говне,
где тебя презирают...
Мы будем вместе с тобой навсегда
Рабочий парень с бетонных окраин!

Рабочий парень с бетонных окраин
Будет бороться на улицах с нами
Вместе мы сила, мы победим
Врагов раздавим, сотрем их в пыль

Ты можешь его ненавидеть,
Ты можешь его презирать...
Но свое мнение перед тобой
Он всегда готов отстоять!
Track Name: Don't Waste Your Life
I see this streets
they overfill hate and empty spite
I see this sreets every night
I see yong guys
They kill youth and die on bullshit fights
Dont think about mothers cries


Where is your faith?
God give us strenth to go ahead
Just dont give up, dont strike your flag
Dont lose your mibd
In fever of the citys mad beehive
Folow your heart OOO